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2010-09-12 :: Kate // Fiction
Kitchen-table talk had it …

            Kitchen-table talk had it that when Uncle Junior was young and dashing, he was in love with the Maconochie girl—Sharlene. They were to marry.  She was quiet and pretty in a flowered dress sort of way, a little taller than he but her sweet way of smiling at him made them go together well. Junior [...]

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2010-06-22 :: Kate // WAG
WAG #27: … pants on fire

Everybody lies. Evil characters and even good ones do it too. For us, it’s a fantastic source of conflict. So this week, consider deception. Your piece can be fiction or non-fiction based on observation or experience.

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2010-05-29 :: Kate // Featured Articles + WAG
WAG #24: Unexpected

Surprise is the hardest thing to fake (in real life and in fiction), but something essential to a well-written story.

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