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Coup de Goose

Love Tale of the Goose and the Floozy *
coup de Goose

In Goosetown, Brucie’s girl chanteus-y
suffers loss when criminals choose
to take her Rolls Royce. Boo-hoo-hoo-sy!

Furious gander, flapping, flying
way up where the streams meander,
left his lovely Floozy crying,
eyeing where the gray car wandered.

By the pond, behind the winery,
bad cads hid, in jungle-y grasses,
what they stole—in flagrant meanery—
costly wheels of the colorful lass’s.

Brucie gander honkily hisses,
“I see sweety’s rolling finery.”
Floozy covered Goose with kisses
and reclaimed her gray machinery.

* Gentle poetry lovers, I do not usually provide ‘reading instructions’.
You do not need them, ordinarily, and one would understand your
disregard, should you choose. HOWEVER, this poem is to have FUN with;
it is all about rhythm and sound. Borrow a young child, if you do not
own one, and read it “sing song” fashion, emphasize certain words,
laugh out loud. Enjoy yourself.”

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