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Villanelle for a Moveable Beast

“Do Not Give Gently Into That Good Cat.”
- Dylan Thomas

                                         A cat moved in with me and my kin;
                                         set up housekeeping, as felines will,
                                         demanding salmon poached in gin,

                                         served on china.  He summoned when
                                        he’d napped and washed and had his fill.
                                        The cat settled in for a week, or ten,

                                        saying, “Cats were worshipped as gods back when
                                        man knew his place. He served our will—
                                        please fetch my salmon and a shot of gin.”

                                        I couldn’t dispute my haughty friend.
                                        It’s true. His profile’s regal, still.
                                        Last week he stretched and stood and then

                                         “I am leaving,” he said with a catly grin,
                                        “with a couple who owns a bar and grill.
                                        They’ve salmon streams and vats of gin.”

                                        That cat was heartless, disloyal as hell.
                                        He’d other fine qualities, as well.
                                        The cat moved on, his lunch in a tin.
                                        He’d finished the salmon and swigged my gin.

© all rights reserved

- fondly dedicated to ND, my favorite spoiler of felines.


  1. India Drummond
    20 November 2009 @ 1:58 pm

    I love this poem! I think I read it when you were here this summer… so glad you’ve posted it!

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