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Microsoft™ ‘Bookshelf’ Roulette

The fanfare sounds and the software opens;
a Quote sweeps across the waiting page:
Etiquette, Parsley, Elvis Presley,
however random, nonetheless sage.

Thoreau rambles on evils of comfort,
warns us that luxury hinders mankind.
(The footnote that follows his warning
refers me, strangely, to “Shelley on Wealth.”)

Shelley assures us that money will cripple,
oddly footnoting: Wollstonecraft, M
who says pretty faces imprison females;
then refers us to males: Picasso and Maugham.

This software appears ironic, factitious;
my heroes have savaged aesthetics and health,
good sense and beauty—heaven help us—they’ve left me
with no source of comfort but old age and wealth.



both Microsoft ® and Bookshelf are the sole property of and trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation.

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