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what’s this “Poetry for Bitter Women?”

Tongue-out              …this began with a poetry collection–-this Bitter Women thing–-I was just plain through with being Politically Correct about guys. I might as well add I was/am tired of PC, as well.  Yes– keep up–I actually am speaking of a poetry collection. [This isn't your Granny's website, btw.]

             At the time, I was on a few mailing lists and began receiving some side-splitting spam from women friends, poking  fun at the hilarious chasm between men and women. So I did what writers do: I stole them and made them my own.

             In those days, I wrote poetry every day and (because of mind-block) began a found poem which grew into the first “Poem for Bitter Women.”

           I was scheduled to read at an academic poetry reading  and thought it would be fun to throw in the BW as an ice breaker.   Understandably, non-poets usually only say things like, “I enjoyed your work.”  Makes sense doesn’t it:  who asks, “How did you know that spondee would have such dramatic effect?”  No one.  This time was different;  several people approached, smiling &  laughing, and told me about their funny gender foibles. [I intend to steal them one day soon and make them my own.]

           So, Bob’s your uncle. You aren’t required to be bitter or to be a woman to be welcome here.  Feel free to leave responses;  observe my silliness, seriousness and attempts at poetry; disagree with my  political reactions and everything in between. Regale me with  your experiences, rants or advice. Be my friend.  Understandably, I’m running low.


  1. Ronaldo
    25 December 2015 @ 2:04 pm

    To Micheal,I agree with you about the repetition, but I felt that she was swoihng us how her grief felt. After all this was her life’s partner, her best friend, her alter ego and that loss kept coming at her from every direction, many unexpected. If you ever have a major loss such as hers, you might find that at first you are so stunned and just a bit out of touch with the pace of the world. Every time you think you have a handle on it, some new level of loss presents itself for you to deal with. I do feel that many times as I slugged my way through her book that she was acting as if she were the first person ever to suffer a great loss, but then I had to remember that this was her personal story and telling it was an important part of her grieving process; many people are likely to feel relieved at the similarties in their own stories.It also didn’t hurt that she is an established writer and could get a book contract out of it. Business is business even when you are devastated.

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Re: what’s this “Poetry for Bitter Women?”

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