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Calvin Who?  Trust me; I paid attention in middle school and in high school, as well. Memorized all the Presidents’ names and the order in which they served. Freely admit I heard or read nothing that set apart Calvin Cooledge aside from a notion wa-a-a-y in the back of my head that he was an extremely [...]

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This is something I need to do! It certainly isn’t funny, not meant to entertain. Some facts have changed in the eleven years since I wrote this. If I were Rupert Murdock, I’d print this in one of my zillions of newspapers simply to clear the air.  I’m not. This is MY blog and the post [...]

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bastard bit me so I threw off my fluffy robe, pulled the t-shirt over my head and reached up my own back as far as I could. While I’m doing this flailing-arms-and-titty dance, a guy in a ballcap …

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Let’s give her a Fairy Godperson. It should have the arrogance of Donald Trump, stamina of Richard Simmons, and remoreseless dedication to hammering home a point (think Eastwood in Gran Torino).

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