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2010-09-12 :: Kate // Fiction
Kitchen-table talk had it …

            Kitchen-table talk had it that when Uncle Junior was young and dashing, he was in love with the Maconochie girl—Sharlene. They were to marry.  She was quiet and pretty in a flowered dress sort of way, a little taller than he but her sweet way of smiling at him made them go together well. Junior [...]

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2010-05-14 :: Kate // Fiction + WAG
WAG #22: Everyday Heroes

In fiction, often every hero looks like the other, with broad shoulders and chiselled features, and the heroine always has an oval face and rosebud lips. (Okay, so these are the worst examples!)

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I put two in his face, handed the .22 to Dub and walked away thinking, Some guys shouldn’t be allowed to take their penis with them when they leave the house.

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