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2010-07-23 :: Kate // WAG
WAG #31: Laugh Til You Cry

             Once in a rare while, in my childhood, a bustling broke out: wiping, sorting, dusting; someone oiled a hinge; granddad tidied his workbench; Junior or Jimmie Dale mowed what lawns we had as well as the wide, grassy alley behind our fence, and coiled the long snake of green garden hose stretched to the [...]

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2010-07-14 :: Kate // WAG
WAG #30: Paybacks are Hell

      I last saw Daddy when I was eight. He said he was “getting married”; he said he wouldn’t be seeing me again, but–dammit–I was eight. Glad for him, I guess I wondered if I’d be going to visit him, now that he’d have a house. What I didn’t get was he was walking away to [...]

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2010-07-01 :: Kate // WAG
WAG #29: … got a light?

The old woman seemed fancy to me, not that I knew what fancy was. She must have been a hundred, wore long dresses like ladies in the picture show — wore them around the house. Imagine! How she came to be in this little town, out here on the prarie, was a point of speculation [...]

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2010-06-22 :: Kate // WAG
WAG #27: … pants on fire

Everybody lies. Evil characters and even good ones do it too. For us, it’s a fantastic source of conflict. So this week, consider deception. Your piece can be fiction or non-fiction based on observation or experience.

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2010-06-15 :: Kate // WAG
WAG #26: Casting Call

WAG Topic #26: “Fish out of Water”. Sometimes it’s easy to tell when someone is out of their element.

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2010-06-06 :: Kate // WAG
Wag #25: Misdemeanour, mostly

He worked his way back around to the grapes: 5-6 vanished into his mouth. His eyes reminded me of my uncle’s dog, Duke. Could look at you and scout the area without moving his head or drawing attention. Good dog, Duke.

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2010-05-29 :: Kate // Featured Articles + WAG
WAG #24: Unexpected

Surprise is the hardest thing to fake (in real life and in fiction), but something essential to a well-written story.

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2010-05-24 :: Kate // WAG
WAG #23: the Visit

Til now, only family had talked with me after dying. I went cold when I realized who it was  — our former church minister [imagine his surprise when he opened his eyes  and was not standing at the Pearly Gates.] For a quick second, I wished I could see him. This one is hard to believe.
But, [...]

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2010-05-14 :: Kate // Fiction + WAG
WAG #22: Everyday Heroes

In fiction, often every hero looks like the other, with broad shoulders and chiselled features, and the heroine always has an oval face and rosebud lips. (Okay, so these are the worst examples!)

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bastard bit me so I threw off my fluffy robe, pulled the t-shirt over my head and reached up my own back as far as I could. While I’m doing this flailing-arms-and-titty dance, a guy in a ballcap …

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